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Register today to count every qualifying purchase this year in your cash back reward. We weren’t satisfied being the biggest, fastest, and most helpful. So we added eCash Rewards to give you cash back and more savings. Don’t miss out – sign up for eCash Rewards and start saving today!* When you register & spend $10,000 or more in qualifying purchases for the year, you get:

  • A minimum of 3% cash back on all eligible purchases
  • Exclusive specials throughout the year, like an extra 3% cash back on Phillips Parts for a limited time
  • No rebate cap, so there’s no limit on how much you can earn
  • Free shipping on $200+ parcel orders**

*Terms and conditions apply. Limited Time offer ends March 31, 2024.
**See complete shipping details here.

eCash Rebate

How much are you spending on truck and trailer parts each year? If it’s $10,000 or more, you may qualify for eCash Rewards from FleetPride.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Sign up
  2. Buy what you always buy
  3. Cash your eCash Rewards rebate check
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Terms, Conditions & Exclusions

Participation is at all times subject to the following terms, conditions and exclusions and any other terms, conditions or exclusions that FleetPride may issue from time to time, with or without notice, to govern the Customer eCash Rewards Program.

Rebate Calculation.

Rebate is calculated as three percent (3.0%) of Eligible Purchases (defined below), and will only be earned if Eligible Purchases total $10,000 or more during the applicable calendar year.


Only eligible online purchases made during the applicable calendar year using your log in (“Eligible Purchases”) will be included in the calculation of purchases for purposes of the Rebate.

The following are excluded from the definition of Eligible Purchases:

  1. Filter purchases;
  2. Non-addressable charges, including, without limitation, labor charges, deposits and taxes (including sales tax and shipping taxes), freight, miscellaneous charges and fees;
  3. Returns for which a refund is made;
  4. Purchases not recorded by FleetPride through or made on or through websites not hosted by FleetPride; and
  5. Certain other categories of products as determined in FleetPride’s sole and absolute discretion.

Eligibility and Enrollment.

Eligibility limited to U.S. residents with a valid log in who opt-in for the Rebate program and accept these terms, conditions and exclusions (an “Eligible Customer”).

The following are excluded from the definition of Eligible Customer:

  1. National and regional accounts;
  2. Customers of PDC; and
  3. Governmental agencies.

Registration for the Customer eCash Rewards Program is required to participate and must be completed during or prior to the applicable calendar year in which the purchases are made.

Entitlement to rebate is contingent upon timely payment of all invoices issued by FleetPride during the applicable calendar year. Account must be current as of the end of the calendar year and at the time of the issuance of any Rebate payment or the Rebate will be forfeited.

Rebate Payment.

To the extent earned, Rebate check will be issued annually within sixty (60) days following the end of the applicable calendar year to the address on file with Rebate checks may not be redeemed at FleetPride for cash or parts. Regulatory restrictions on Rebates subject to change at any time. Rebate will not be earned or paid where prohibited by law or regulation.

DOUBLE-DIPPING IN REBATE AND INCENTIVE PROGRAMS OFFERED BY FLEETPRIDE IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. Accordingly, to the extent any Eligible Purchases also apply toward an Eligible Customer’s participation in any separately contracted or other FleetPride-sponsored rebate or incentive program (“Other FleetPride Program(s)”), any payment issued under the Customer eCash Rewards Program shall be deducted from any payment that may be owed to the customer under such Other FleetPride Program(s) or, if duplicative payments are made, promptly refunded by you to FleetPride upon notice of same. By enrolling in the Customer eCash Rewards Program, you expressly acknowledge and agree to the provisions of this paragraph and represent that you have the authority to modify the terms of such Other FleetPride Program(s) (to include, without limitation method and timing of payment) on behalf of the customer at issue and to bind such customer with respect to same.

FleetPride reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion and without prior notice to discontinue or change the Customer eCash Rewards Program at any time, or to discontinue or cancel a customer’s participation.

Other terms and conditions apply (see Terms and Conditions of Sale)

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Thank you for your interest in the FleetPride eCash Rebate program. We have great news for you – because your account is a FleetPride National/Regional Account, you are already receiving the most robust benefits FleetPride offers! With dedicated support to meet your organization’s unique structure and needs, plus uniform pricing nationwide, your status as a FleetPride National Account puts you a step ahead of the rest. As always, should you have any questions, please contact your National or Regional Account Manager for personalized support.